– Club History –







The Club opened in the summer of 1976 and over the years has played host to numerous local, state and regional events. It was developed by the Club’s original charter members and was designed by Dennis Acomb.

Cincinnati surgeon, Dr. Ed Woliver purchased the property in the early 1960’s with the vision of one day developing a golf course on the site. The Acomb Family, along with several members of the former Tanager Woods Golf Club, made up the first Planning Committee which laid the groundwork for the planning, financing, promotion, and construction of our facility. The member-owned private club opened on July 17, 1976, with 280 members. Many improvements have been made to the golf course and facility throughout the years, including the construction of the current practice facility in 1994 and the current clubhouse in 1998.

Our name is taken from the many creeks and streams that meander through the course and empty into the O’Bannon Creek, which borders our property. The creek was named after Colonel John O’Bannon, a surveyor for George Washington’s land.